CoNGLP1 is a “fuel changeover” assessment that allows gas engineers who currently hold CCN1 (Natural Gas) qualification to work on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) installations. The assessment only covers the fuel characteristics that are different between LPG and Natural Gas.

This assessment takes the form of both written and practical exams covering the following:
Training & Assessment for gas engineers wishing to gain qualification to work with LPG domestic installations and appliances.

Who should attend?

Engineers who currently hold CCN1 would be eligible for assessment by way of an LPG changeover qualification.

Work areas

Code Description
CoNGLP1 LPG Changeover Domestic Natural Gas to LPG
PD Permanent Dwellings

Permanent Dwellings (PD)

Most appliances found in this type of property are the typical domestic appliances normally found under the following categories:-

  • CENWAT1 Domestic Central Heating Boilers and Water Heaters
  • CKR1 Domestic Gas Cookers
  • DAH1 Domestic Air Heater
  • HTR1 Domestic Gas Heaters
  • MET1 Domestic Gas Meters (up to 6m3)
  • CPA1 Combustion Performance Analysis (Now included in Domestic Core Gas Safety but is still available for those engineers who have not yet completed it.)

Where an existing engineer already holds ACS qualifications in these areas, they will be automatically eligible to work on these appliances irrespective of whether they are fuelled by natural gas or LPG.

Course Content – Core elements

  • Gas safety regulations, Building Regulations, British Standards and other related legislation
  • Unsafe situations and emergency actions
  • Characteristics of LPG
  • Cylinder location, safety and sizing
  • Operation and positioning of emergency isolation, flow control and valves for cylinders
  • Supply pressures
  • Gas pipework (Including sizing, installation, defects and faults)
  • Tightness testing and purging (PD)
  • Flues and ventilation
  • Combustion
  • Combustion Performance Analysis (Flue gas testing)
  • Appliance controls

Note: Training is not a pre-requisite to Assessment

What do I need to bring with me?

  • 2x Passport Sized Photographs
  • Original copies of expired/expiring ACS qualifications
  • Note taking material (recording devices are not allowed)