Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale

All transactions with TRFM Ltd (Energy Training Hub) further referred to as the “ETH” is subject to the following terms and conditions, (T&C’s) which are legally enforceable.

The Client/Student/Attendee/Company etc. will be further referred to as the “client” in this document, will be bound by these T&C’s and by booking and accepting an offer of attending a training course, either as an Individual/Sole trader/Partnership/Company will bind, themselves or  their employer to the T&C’s as described below.

Payment Terms

Attendance on a training course offered by the ETH is conditional on the payments terms being met as per the offer of attending a training course by ETH, verbally or written. These include the payment of a deposit, and full payment within 28 days of course start date. If at the time of booking scheduled payments are agreed in line with any loan, funding or staged payment these must be adhered too.

Failure to meet any of the agreed terms could mean the removal of the attendee from the course, with no compensation and the balance of any course fees will remain due in full.

  1. Any course booked within 28 days of the course start date must be paid in full at the time of booking. Payment of a deposit only will not be acceptable and the booking will not be confirmed until full payment is made.
  2. Course bookings made in advance of 28 days will require a deposit of 40% of the course fee, or a minimum £50.00.
  3. Funded courses will require a refundable or non-refundable deposit dependant on the course and the funding agencies. ETH offers funded courses subject to the eligible criteria for the funding and pre-assessment to qualify. If a client is accepted onto a funded course and subsequently does not attend, fails the examination or dishonestly gives/presents false information in the pre assessment, ETH reserves the right to invoice the client directly and pursue the payment of the invoice in full or proportioned against the funding that ETH had been received. Deposit returned within 28 days of the client completing/passing the course criteria.
  4. In certain cases ETH (normally where a course is over a longer period that  6 months) will agree to accept a 40% deposit and the balance of the course can be paid over a period that ensures the full due amount is  paid 4 weeks before the course ends. If ETH agreed to offer staged payments, these will be based upon the credit worthiness of the client (ETH will run a credit score on the client) and will only operate on a Direct Debit or Standing Order basis. Should the client fail the credit score or miss payments ETH reserves the right to remove the offer of staged payments and the client must settle the balance in full before attending the course.
  5. Credit accounts are only offered to approved companies that have been credit scored and been offered a credit limit by ETH. Payment terms are 30 days from month end of invoice date.
  6. Companies that fail to make payments on the account when due, can result in the client’s attendees etc. being removed from the course, or certificate not issued, until the account is brought back into balance. ETH reserves the right to close any credit account without notice and reason and demand full payment of any outstanding balance.

Cooling Off period

From the date of booking a course and making a deposit, there is a 7 day cooling off period where ETH will refund to you all monies paid should you change your mind. The cooling off period does not apply to courses booked within 28 days of course start date. After the 7 days ETH T&C’s for course cancellation apply.

Cancellation of Courses

Once a course has been reserved you may cancel the course subject to the following conditions.

If a course is booked and cancelled within the following periods up to the course start date and full payment or minimum deposit has not been paid as per the ETH T&C’s. ETH will reserve the right to demand payment of any balances due.

  1. Course attendance cancelled 15 days prior to course start date – no refund or transfer.
  2. Course attendance cancelled between 16 & 28 days prior to course start date 25% refund.
  3. Course cancellation 29 & 60 days before course start date a refund of 50% of the deposit will be made. (£50 minimum charge)
  4. Course cancellation 61+ days before course start date a refund of 75% of the deposit will be made. (£50 minimum charge)

Change of course booked dates

ETH is happy to change the booked dates of a course subject to the following T&C’s.

  1. The course date can be rearranged to another date between 15 and 0 days before the course start date, but will be subject to an administration charge of £50.
  2. The course date can be rearranged to another date 16 to 28+ days before the course start date, but will be subject to an administration charge of £50.

Cancellation of the course by ETH

ETH may find it necessary to cancel a course, due to unforeseen circumstances. Should this unfortunate circumstance happen ETH will offer the following:-

  1. An alternative date to attend the course at no extra charge.
  2. A full refund of all monies paid.

Course attendance

ETH expects all clients to attend the course and to complete all examinations etc. that may be part of the course qualification. It is the responsibility of the client to attend the course and to be on time. ETH will take appropriate action against clients who:-

  1. Fail to attend courses.
  2. Lateness.
  3. Abusive behaviour to staff and other clients of ETH.
  4. Use language that is offensive.
  5. Cause damage to ETH property.
  6. Do not use toilets or canteen areas responsibly.
  7. Do not respect other client’s gender/race/religion/culture.

The above actions may result in removal from the course, police action or private summons against the client. Full payment of the course will be pursued and no refund will be made if clients are removed from the course due to any of the above.

Car Parking

ETH has available a certain amount of off road parking, this is available on a first come, first serve basis. Vehicles parked on the public highway outside of ETH premises are solely the responsibility of the client.

Vehicles parked on ETH premises are parked at the clients own risk and liability.


ETH as a responsible company hold employer and public liability, and will ensure that all equipment used in the training of clients is to the latest standards and safe to work on (older equipment used for training will be to the standard appropriate to the equipment’s date).

  1. ETH will not accept any liability if clients do not follow instructions from the trainer.
  2. ETH will not hold any liability if clients deliberately damage of sabotage ETH equipment and cause themselves harm.
  3. Any tools used on ETH premises, provided by ETH will be fit for purpose and appropriate to the task. If client tools used this must be fit for purpose, and approved by the trainer.

Course Content

ETH undertakes to operate course s to the latest standard and accreditation as known; it however does not accept liability should any regulations change or that a client attending a course subsequently finds the course was not suitable for their type of work. Client must ensure the course is suitable before starting the course.


All literature, marketing materials, course materials remain under the copyright of the accreditation body or the copyright of the ETH. No material issued must be copied, circulated or used for training purposes without obtaining the required permissions.


While on a course:-

Should there be any dispute/complaint between the client and ETH, the client in the first instance must report the issue to the trainer or administration staff at Reception who will deal with their complaint. If for some reason this cannot be dealt with at this level, the client can approach the Centre Manager either verbally or in writing who will try to resolve the issue.

After completion of a course:-

All disputes/complaints must be made to the Centre Manager in writing within 15 days working of attending a course. The communication must include the course dates and details of the dispute/complaint in full.

The Centre Manager will respond back to the client within 15 working days.

In the event the dispute/complaint is not resolved satisfactory then the file will be passed to the relevant member of the Senior Management Team at Dudley College.

These terms and Conditions herein are governed under English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.